Motivos de Oración

What we believe about prayer

No se inquieten por nada; más bien, en toda ocasión, con oración y ruego, presenten sus peticiones a Dios y denle gracias.Y la paz de Dios, que sobrepasa todo entendimiento, cuidará sus corazones y sus pensamientos en Cristo Jesús.

Filipenses 4:6-7

Prayer is one of the practical forms of an active faith in the living God. As a most basic definition, prayer is simply thinking or saying anything while actively acknowledging that God listens. God even asks you to pray, to invite His Holy Spirit to impact your life or that of those around you.

You are created with dependence-on-God built into you. While each person will wrestle with needing or not needing God, and to what extent, the reality is that everyone is naturally drawn into prayer at different moments. Below is an opportunity if you would like to invite leaders of the church to pray for something. We are here for you!